Friday 28 October 2011

New online Phytolith reference collection

A new searchable database of l phytoliths images has been made available by the Barcelona lab GEPEG (Research Group for Palaeocological and Geoarchaeological Studies). Find it here: GEPEG phytolith database. I have not  had a chance to explore it in detail, but it will doubtless prove useful. It has about 185 images in it, so it by no means comprehensive, and it includes archaeological as well as modern reference material. (And it reminds me that our UCL phytolith on-line gallery needs updating, as I have let in languish for a few years without additions).


Barbara Eichhorn said...

This is really a useful database, and I hope that other phytolith specialists can soon contribute to it to make it grow. Let me just remind you of the "Inside Wood" which has become so huge and helpful for all wood identifiers.

Unknown said...

You can find now a new updating of the PhytCore from the GEPEG, with more than 4000 images, with new additions, and more related information.
There is also an open window "send us your comments" where you can get in contact with us and let us know what you think.
The PhytCore is now available through, you will need to register first.
Thank you