Wednesday 15 April 2009

Tianluoshan rice in the News

On our recent publication on the rice spikelet bases from Tianluoshan, the following sources picked it up as a news item.

From the China Daily Newspaper: "Fresh proof of China being the Cradle of Rice"

The Science News feature by Michael Balter (from Science 20 March 2009): "Recipe for rice may have taken Millennia"

The CBC (Canadian Radio) program, Quirks & Quarks, featured some discussion on rice domestication and the Tianluoshan paper, in its 11 April 2009 broadcast. A podcast is available.

Summary and comments on the Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog.

The full text of the article can be accessed free through the link on Dorian Fuller's publication list on the his UCL staff profile. For an introduction to the project see this initial Tianluoshan project page, and for new directions in rice research, visit the brief description of my NERC  rice project.

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