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Rice archaeology linguistics and genetics special issue

The special issue of Rice arising from the Cornell rice, genetics and linguistics meeting is now complete and fully paginated. I have blogged several of the papers earlier (listed below).  Those papers in the issue are well summarized in the editorial: "In this issue, 12 articles and 1 of the symposium discussants’ commentaries have been included. The first four (by Fuller, Bellwood, d’Alpoim-Guèdes, and Castillo) review and expand the archaeological knowledge about early agriculture in Asia and its wider region. Fuller, who served as a keynote speaker at the symposium, pays special attention to the pan-Asian context, as well as to South Asian developments. The next four articles (by Sagart, Bradley, Southworth, and Whitman) treat the same scope of issues from the perspective mainly of historical linguistics. The contribution by Sanchez-Mazas and her colleagues offers an updated perspective from human genetics, and the two following papers (the first by Takashige and his colleagues and the second by Hsieh, Hsing, and their colleagues), from plant genetics, also reconnecting to the multidisciplinary aspirations of the symposium. In addition, we publish a paper on inter-Asian rice exchanges in later historical periods by veteran agricultural economist Randolph Barker, as well as the revised remarks by Richard O’Connor, one of several symposium discussants."

Amongst the later published papers is piece by the Linguist Frank Southworth, mainly focused on Dravidian India. Of particular note is the reintroduction into main stream linguistics of the "Elamo-Dravidian" hypothesis.

Here are the full list of papers. They can be found on-line here.

Pathways to Asian Civilizations: Tracing the Origins and Spread of Rice and Rice Cultures.  Dorian Q. Fuller

The Checkered Prehistory of Rice Movement Southwards as a Domesticated Cereal—from the Yangzi to the Equator.  Peter Bellwood [blog notes]

Millets, Rice, Social Complexity, and the Spread of Agriculture to the Chengdu Plain and Southwest China.   Jade d’Alpoim Guedes [blog notes]

Rice in Thailand: The Archaeobotanical Contribution.   Cristina Castillo  [blog notes]

How Many Independent Rice Vocabularies in Asia?.   Laurent Sagart  [blog notes]

Proto-Tibeto-Burman Grain Crops.  David Bradley  [blog notes]

Rice in Dravidian.  Franklin Southworth

Northeast Asian Linguistic Ecology and the Advent of Rice Agriculture in Korea and Japan.   John Whitman [blog notes]

A Genetic Focus on the Peopling History of East Asia: Critical Views.  Alicia Sanchez-Mazas, Da Di and María Eugenia Riccio

Evaluation of Genetic Variation Among Wild Populations and Local Varieties of Rice

Takashige Ishii, Takashi Hiraoka, Tomoyuki Kanzaki, Masahiro Akimoto and Rieko Shishido, et al.

Studies on Ancient Rice—Where Botanists, Agronomists, Archeologists, Linguists, and Ethnologists Meet.   Jaw-shu Hsieh, Yue-ie Caroline Hsing, Tze-fu Hsu, Paul Jen-kuei Li and Kuang-ti Li, et [blog notes]

The Origin and Spread of Early-Ripening Champa Rice: It’s Impact on Song Dynasty China. Randolph Barker

Discussant’s Remarks: Reviving Ethnology to Understand the Rice Neolithic. Richard A. O’Connor

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