Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Millet ethusiasts and gerbil enthusiats

At first it seems an unlikely place to look for basic information on millets, but it turns out that gerbil enthusiasts also care about millets (e-gerbil). The information is basic, but this website at least includes info on some of the more obscure millets like Browntop millet (Brachiaria ramosa-- they use the Urochloa name); that is more than can be said for wikipedia. They still missed out the Taiwanese oil millet, and some some of the other hypoer-locals, like Digitaria cruciata or the West African fonios. Still, millet enthusiasts are to be encouraged.

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Ed said...

I'm glad you liked the article! I wrote it a few years back so it's nice to see some feedback on it :)

Gerbil owners tend to use the basic millets such as Panicum miliacium and Setaria italica as an addition to food mixes as they make for a nutritious addition to the gerbil diet.

It's also worth noting that Setaria viridis is a native staple of the Mongolian gerbil and is widespread along their known ranges. It is prolific throughout Mongolia being distributed around Khubsugul, Khentei, Khangai, Mongol Daurian, Mongolian Altai, Khobdo, Valley of Lakes, Depression of Great Lakes, Gobi-Altai and is widespread In the Dundgovi Aimag. It is also regarded as a pasture plant in the region and used for livestock.